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After bringing in $17,000,000 myself through info publishing I’ve acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of what needs to be done to make money online. And now through Serious About Six Figures you can direct access to that knowledge – Stuck? Confused? Overwhelmed? Send me an email and I’ll get back to you with a video recorded response ASAP!

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Now before Samantha mails everything to you,

a quick question …

"Could a 'mad scientist' from the 1920's help you to finally make money on-line because of his bizarre invention?"

This is Hugo Gernsback.

And that's him in the photo above modelling his invention ... the 'Isolator Helmet'.

The ‘Isolator Helmet’ effectively sealed your head off from the outside world.

It was completely sound proofed so you couldn’t hear what was going on around you.

It only had two little slits to look through so you could only see what was right in front of you.

As you can see, the helmet even had an oxygen supply.

And if you are wondering what the little box is on the front of the helmet, well that could be opened momentarily to ‘administer food and drink’.

Hugo invented the anti-distraction helmet to help increase focus and concentration.

So, it would seem that ‘distraction’ is not a new problem.

Although given that Hugo invented the ‘Isolator Helmet’ in 1925 and the television wasn’t even invented until 1927, it does beg the question …

What on earth was he being distracted by?

I mean today, in addition to a ‘thousand’ TV channels, we’ve also got the ultimate distraction device to contend with – the internet.

Which is a big problem for a lot of people.

And a major problem for information publishers like you and I.

Hugo must have seen what was coming and his crazy attempt to solve what would become a very real problem now looks like it was just a little ahead of its time.

Because let’s face it, if making money on-line is your goal then with the volume of high quality information available today it should be impossible not to succeed

Sadly though, most people are still failing.

And the reason can be summed up in one word: DISTRACTION.

A conclusion that, after having coached 1000’s of budding internet marketers, I can state as a CATEGORICAL FACT.

So, I’ve a couple of quick questions for you …

The book I sent you: '6 Figures A Year In Info Publishing' … 

Are you going to throw my book away?

Perhaps you should.

Yep, perhaps you should.

You see, if my book's just another distraction for you …

If you didn’t read it and instantly see the simplicity of my solution … 

If you weren’t inspired by the fact that I myself have brought in $16,000,000 using the exact same process outlined in the book …

… then your search for the right mentor for you isn’t over AND I would recommend that you quickly ‘move on’.

I’m serious.

The fastest way to start making real money online, is to find the right mentor for you AND THEN GET 100% BEHIND IMPLEMENTING THEIR ADVICE and completely ignore everything else.

Which bring me to question number 2 … 

Am I the mentor for you?

Or perhaps the question should be …

Are you ‘Serious About 6 Figures’?

Because here’s the thing, when you read ‘6 Figures A year In Info Publishing’ you will have noticed that you didn’t find yourself wading through a swamp of text book theory about how to make money on-line.

Instead you got page after page of rock solid ‘copy me, this is exactly how I did it’ advice.

And if that didn’t get your juices flowing then let me put something to you.

Maybe, for you it’s not really about making money.

Maybe, for you … you just like learning new stuff.

Maybe simply collecting knowledge is your goal.

Like some people collect beer mats.

Or posters of Marilyn Monroe.

Or postage stamps. 

(In which case, did you know that Hugo Gernsbacks achievements were recognised on a postage stamp – so you see he can’t have been that 'crazy'!)

Yep, for some people simply acquiring the knowledge is the goal.

Like those perpetual students that we’ve all come across – those guys or girls that don’t leave university until they're into their 30’s and they’ve run out of degrees to acquire.

And they then find it’s hard to get a job that they can make any real money from with their knowledge … because they’ve got no practical experience.

So they go into ‘research’. (More studying!).

Listen, the choice is yours, but the rest of what I have to say here is ONLY going to be of value to you if you are serious about 6 figures.

(By the way: if you are a knowledge collector then here's some exciting news for you. I just googled it and there are 2,670,000,000 - that's BILLION! - results for ‘how to make money online’ – that should keep you busy with your hobby for a while).


Could Would you isolate yourself from EVERYTHING ELSE out there if I agreed to personally help you turn the knowledge in this book into money in your bank account?

And don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to wear an 'isolator helmet', a cardboard box or anything else on your head.

But if you do want my help (and yes, I'm offering) then I will insist that you isolate yourself from every other source of advice out there whilst you completely immerse yourself in the new 'Serious About 6 Figures' material that I've just finished recording to go along with the book.

AND when you make that commitment – when you place your trust in me, as your mentor - I will undertake to be there with you every step of the way, to personally answer ANY and EVERY question you have on your way to joining the 6 figure ‘club’.

And I won’t charge you a dime to answer those questions.

Fire the gurus. ‘Hire’ me as your mentor instead,
for free.

Listen, I know where you’re at right now.

I’m asking you to turn your back on all of those gurus out there, so you need to be 100% certain that following my advice exclusively is definitely going to work for you.

You, not someone ‘like you’.

You, not some random person in a testimonial – someone who almost certainly has different life experience to you … different natural talents to you … different skills to you.


This time it needs to be all about you.

And whatever your previous life experience, natural talent or skill level is … being able to get your specific questions answered PERSONALLY, BY ME will turn ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ into a completely customised money making plan – just for you

Get rich quick temporarily VS get rich forever

Now, if you’ve mentally ‘bought in’ to what I’ve said so far, then you and I need to have a serious chat about something before we even think about taking things any further.

Look, I get it. You want to make money.

And the thought of bringing in 6 figures a year from part time hours is exciting, isn’t it?

And yes, that kind of money could make you rich.

But - and this is a finger wagging STERN WARNING - only if you learn how to bring that kind of money in consistently, year after year.

You see, the average ‘guru’ might actually be able to show you how to get ‘rich’ for a day, a week, a month or possibly even a year.

But that shiny new car that you’re planning on parking outside of your beautiful new house – you want to keep ‘em, right?

And you definitely don’t want people whispering behind your back when they disappear, do you?

Look I don’t know what your spending plan is for your 6 figure INCOME but I just hope you’re hearing what I’m saying loud and clear here.

Over the last 17 years, whilst I’ve been bringing in 6 figures a year like clockwork I’ve seen so many of these people come and go.

They figure out how to make a quick buck, live it large for a month or two … and then reinvent themselves as a ‘guru’ (after quickly grabbing a few selfies with their leased Lambo before the repo men arrived!)

And the sad thing is, even when people can see what’s going on here they still listen to these so called ‘gurus’ and even send them money.

There are just 4 steps to 6 figures … want them?

I can show you how to get rich permanently.

BUT you have to cut yourself off from these guru characters and their get rich quick (and then die of embarrassment when it all evaporates) advice.

And instead, give me your vote of confidence for just 4 months.

That’s all we need.

Just 4 months together and I can teach you everything I’ve learnt over the last 17 years about getting (and staying!) rich.

Look, there really is NO get rich quick solution, but lets face it 4 months isn't exactly a long time is it.

Not when the end result is the ability to generate a 6 figure income stream that you can enjoy and rely on for the rest of your life.

And it’s not like it’s going to be 4 months of hard labour.

In fact, you only need to set aside around 45 minutes each month to watch a video.

In each ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video I will coach you in exactly what you need to do for the next 30 days.

I tell you exactly what needs to be done AND in what order.

So for you, getting to 6 figures just becomes a box ticking exercise.

And I’m using the word ‘coach’ rather than ‘train’ very specifically here because each one of these videos contains the exact same information that I used to share with people when I coached them over the phone for 45 minutes.

Back then, I’d pretty much give my students a ‘seminar for one’ over the phone and they’d take notes as fast as they could, in an attempt to try and capture everything I said.

And then, when we’d finished, I’d ask them if they had any questions about what we’d covered.

Usually they would be so overwhelmed with the quantity of information I’d delivered to them that after a quick scan of their scrawled notes they’d say ‘NO’ … and off they’d go.

After paying me $972 for the time we’d just spent together.

But today, because I’m delivering these 4 coaching sessions by a video recording rather than going over the same information time after time in person, I can almost give this coaching away for free.

But the tiny price is NOT the reason why you should jump at this opportunity.

Who’d drive a Toyota Prius, when you could drive a Rolls Royce instead?

The ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching sessions are actually WAY BETTER than the original 1-2-1 phone coaching sessions that I used to offer for the following reasons …

REASON #1 For Getting Serious About Six Figures

You only have one opportunity to ‘get it’ with a 1-2-1 phone coaching session. The information you are receiving might be amazing BUT if this is the day when you woke up with a head cold or you got your car towed just before your call, then you might not get the most out of the session.

With the ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ coaching videos you can watch (and even re-watch them) when your head is in the best place. 

REASON #2 For Getting Serious About Six Figures

Every 1-2-1 phone coaching session I’ve ever done is slightly different – I’m sure I’ve never missed out anything absolutely essential, but it’s just possible that in the heat of the moment I didn’t always cover everything I could have in a live call.

To create the ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ coaching videos I recorded half a dozen 1-2-1 telephone coaching sessions, paid to have them transcribed and then used the transcript to create a script so that I missed absolutely nothing which means that you get every single nugget of advice I’ve got – GUARANTEED.

REASON #3 For Getting Serious About Six Figures

In a 1-2-1 phone coaching session you would be responsible for taking your own notes and unless you were proficient in shorthand you would be fighting a losing battle between listening and writing.

Each month your ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ coaching video comes with handy transcription pdf that you can print out and use as a quick reference guide whilst you are implementing what you’ve learnt.

REASON #4 For Getting Serious About Six Figures

In a 1-2-1 phone coaching session I couldn’t actually ‘show’ you anything.

In the ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ coaching videos I can go deep with my explanations because I can actually show you what I mean on my computer screen.

So as you can see the ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching program is not a poor substitute for the expensive 1-2-1 coaching option.

It’s actually the Rolls Royce solution at a Toyota Prius price.

And a second hand Prius at that.

In fact, at just $47 per session … it would be your uncle's second hand Toyota Prius that he’s decided to let you have at a special price just because he likes you!

And don’t forget, when you invest in ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching you also get me as your mentor throughout the entire program at no extra cost.

It’s literally impossible to get stuck or confused when you can shoot me an email and I’ll sit down and record a detailed video response to any questions you have.

It’s literally impossible to get stuck or confused when you can shoot me an email and I’ll sit down and record a detailed video response to any questions you have.

I apologise for repeating myself there but I want to ensure that you fully realise the significance of what I'm offering you here.

Getting stuck or confused is demoralising.

As your mentor I won't allow you to become demoralised.

So, if you get stuck or confused just email me your question and I'll record a video answering your question so you can get moving again STRAIGHT AWAY.

Got it?


‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching walks you step by step through the exact same processes I’ve used to create a consistent multiple 6 figure income for the last 16 years in a row.

I layout everything I do to make my money.

Put your check book away – my business
is NOT for sale

In fact, I was just thinking about this ...

If you came knocking on my door wanting to buy my business (I’m open to a discussion if you’ve got north of $8,000,000 in cash by the way) then these 4 video coaching sessions would make the perfect hand over ‘manual’.

With just these 4 video coaching sessions in your hands I could literally disappear off into the sunset the next day and it would be business as usual for you. 

You see, the 6 figure income I'm sitting on now would continue rolling in even if someone else with zero experience in information publishing took over, as long as they went through the same 4 video coaching sessions that I’m offering you right now.

The ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching program is that comprehensive. 

So right now, as I see it, the only thing standing in between you and the same results I’ve achieved is a measly 47 bucks … and the self-discipline to stick with me for the next 4 months.

I know you can handle the $47.

Heck that works out at just $1.56 a day – even someone on benefits could find that.

So the only real question is: ‘are you serious about generating a 6 figure income online’?

If you are, then agreeing to isolate yourself from all other advice for this short period of time should be easy for you to commit to.

You’ve read my book. So you know who I am. You know what results I’ve achieved. And you’ve seen how I’ve helped other people.

Now it’s your turn.

Clicking the button below will automatically sign you up to the ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching program and charge you $47 for your first month's coaching so you can get started immediately.

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Are there any places left?

Before you click the button I want to give you fair warning.

Look, I can understand you being excited right now because ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching and of course my personal mentorship for the next 4 months would be life changing BUT …

I can’t promise that there will be any places available when you click on the button.

You see, although I can offer the 4 video coaching sessions to an unlimited number of people, obviously I can only personally mentor a very limited number of people at any one time.

Questions take time to answer and I don’t want to get in the way of anyone making progress so I’ve committed to get my video responses back to people within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

With that in mind I’m very closely monitoring just how many people I can help at any one time and then opening and closing registration for ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching, sometimes on a daily basis.

As you read this ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching is only available to my book readers … which means right now you have the best chance ever of getting a place, because the book has just launched.

However as each day passes and more and more people get their hands on a copy of my book, the number of coaching places available will reduce quickly.

And eventually they'll dry up completely.

So click this button to see if you can get in … Unless you see a sold out or an error message your application will be automatically processed. There are no more forms to fill in. We'll process your first month's $47 membership fee and send your login details to the private membership site in the next 5 minutes. 

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You are closer to 6 figures now than you’ve ever been before, don’t let this opportunity to get coached and personally mentored by me slip through your fingers.

Keep 'knocking on the door' till you get in.

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All the best,

Your 6 figure money making ‘uncle’ … 

Nick James 

PS ...

As I revealed in my book: 'Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing', I would not be where I am today if had not been lucky enough to ‘find’ my mentor in that car park on that cold winters day way back in 2001.

He introduced me to the incredibly profitable world of information publishing.

And then he gave me a plan to follow.

And then, when I got stuck or confused (and I did, a lot!) he answered my questions and quickly got me back on track.

Now, I’m waiting to do the same for you …

Remember when you invest in the four ‘Serious About 6 Figures’ video coaching sessions for just $47 a month (for four months), you also get ME … I’ll personal mentor you by answering ANY questions that you have for a full 120 days.

This is now the ONLY way you can get direct access to me nowadays – I make way too much money in my info publishing business to do personal 121 coaching … even a thousand bucks an hour wouldn’t make it worth my while!

That’s how incredibly profitable the info publishing business is.

And now … all of the guidance you've ever needed to become a 6 figure a year info marketer yourself is on the other side of this button …

I am 100% certain that having your own mentor is the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

And hand on heart I 100% believe that I’m not only the right info publishing ‘mentor’ for you …

But I am also the ‘cheerleader’ that you need in your life … 

You see, to get to 6 figures in your own information publishing business you don’t just need a mentor that will show you what to do.

You also need confidence, self-belief and the motivation to get stuff done.

The stuff that a good ‘cheerleader’ would bring to the table, right?

So c'mon now is not the time to drop the ball! 

You need to grab hold of it real tight now and run with it as fast as you can.

As your coach, mentor and cheerleader I’m now officially challenging you to click this button so we can get started on building your 6 figure info publishing business … 

Let's do this ... Click this button to claim your place

“My mentor said ...

‘Let’s go do it,’ not ‘You go do it.’

How powerful when someone says ... ‘Let’s!’”

Jim Rohn

Mentor to Tony Robbins & Mark Victor Hanson