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Over the last 2 years I've been perfecting an incredible cash-generating 'monster' that has already taken my own online earnings from a very satisfactory $30,000 a month, to a MASSIVE $972,710.00 (NEARLY A MILLION DOLLARS) in my last financial year alone ...

…And all this at a time when the rest of the World has been struggling, a record number of people have been made unemployed, economists are warning us that the largest recession ever is about to wipe-away most peoples savings...  and the cost of living is rising F-A-S-T.

Now, for reasons I promise I'll tell you about in this letter, I'm finally ready to share with you a complete system that could protect you from all of this chaos... because, with what you'll discover, I estimate YOUR earnings will explode... within the next 6 to 12 months. Even if you're starting completely from scratch.

To prove how serious I am, I'll even INVITE YOU TO REVIEW THE FIRST PART OF THIS PROVEN SYSTEM in the comfort of your own home WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU A SINGLE PENNY of the regular $297 enrolment fee I'd usually be asking existing clients to pay in order to join this program...

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To be one of the 100 new students I'm committing to 'personally' help, all that I ask in return, is that you cheerfully agree to make a personal commitment back to me to actually watch, read and review the materials presented to you... and give everything a 'fair shot'.

Because, with just 100 trial places for new students up for grabs… There needs to be some kind of way to sort the ‘serious’ from the ‘non-serious’ … and I thought by simply asking for your personal commitment at the outset ... and ask you to 'promise me' that you're 'serious' about putting the proven plan I will be laying out for you into practice, was an ideal way to do that.

After all I do not want to waste my efforts with time-wasters... and more importantly I don't want someone that's is 100% committed to be told that 'all the places are full' because  slots were been taken up by the 'wrong kind' of people.

Does that sound fair enough?

… So, if you are serious?... and you’re looking for a REAL home-based business, one that has the capability of generating anywhere from zero all the way up to $999,999 per year with very little time and effort ... is incredibly enjoyable ... and is proven to work... and you can see the benefit of copying what I already do, to make consistent monthly profits for yourself… then I promise that this opportunity to join me is going to be the most important invitation you'll read all year...

Does that sound good?

Then, in the same spirit, I think it’s high-time I share with you some other things that you'll want to know as you read the rest of this page ... and discover everything that’s included with this new and exciting opportunity…

  • You'll find out WHY I'm doing this ... what's in it for me and why a self-made Millionaire would even want to help YOU ...
  • Why this is NOT just another 'how to' course that leaves you wondering where to go when you've finished it ...
  • How you can study this business in your own home before deciding if you want to commit ...
  • Exactly what's involved and the amount of time you'll need to put in ...

In fact, I promise to tell you ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you'll need to know to ensure you make the right decision in joining me in this fantastic new way of life...

...Which you can fully review WITHOUT RISKING A SINGLE PENNY because you'll be fully covered by a complete 30 day full satisfaction guarantee.

Never before has such a complete program been offered that goes into so much precise, step-by-step, profit pulling detail ...

... A complete EASY TO FOLLOW SYSTEM that actually breaks all the 'normal' rules by revealing ALL there is to know upfront - with absolutely NOTHING held back ...

… And a Millionaire mentor willing to help and guide you PERSONALLY on your way to having your own four and five figure paydays, for as long as you wish to continue following the simple steps in the program!


As I've just said, I really don't believe anyone has ever offered anything quite like this ever before and as you read on you'll soon see EXACTLY how I 'gave up work' ... and instead, became a self-made Millionaire at the age of just 35!

This really is the most exciting opportunity (... certainly my most ambitious project yet) ... and if you decide to join me, I guarantee you'll be seeing incredible results in no time ... in fact you could literally be seeing your first sale within just two and a half weeks of when you finish reading this letter!

Now, I did say I'd tell you exactly why I'm doing this and I promise you I'll get to that in just a moment, but first let me just tell you WHY this opportunity is so completely different from anything you'll have ever seen before ...

(... I also want to tell you exactly what's involved and the sort of results you can expect to achieve should you decide to join me, so it really is important you keep reading) …

You see, I discovered something a few years ago when I happened to notice a small group of individuals who were quite happily helping themselves to what amounts to a tiny portion of the billions of dollars being spent every day on the internet.

Now, while this might not sound impressive, it’s not until you realise that this 'tiny portion' added up to quite a sizeable income... in fact, in some cases, several thousands of dollars PER DAY in pure profit ... that it starts to make logical sense. And the best part was that these same individuals hardly had to do anything for it once they'd set up their 'system' in the first place!

Of course millions of people were (... and still are) trying to make their living online... but it struck me that if only a tiny minority were succeeding then it stood to reason that they had to be doing something different ... Something no-one else was doing!

Well, to cut a long story short, I made it ‘my mission’ to find out what it was... and through hard-work ... analyzing what these successful people were doing … together with a lot of trial and error on my part (... and of course a great deal of time and money) ... I eventually cracked it ... 🙂

I finally 'reverse-engineered' the whole system and 'cracked the code' to what it really takes in order to pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in automatic online revenue!

And that's why I'm writing to you today, because I have something very special I know you're going to be excited about ...

In this letter I'm going to introduce you to my brand-new Serious About Six Figures A Year™ home study course, and how by enrolling as a Serious About Six Figures A Year™ student today, on a risk free trial basis, you’ll soon be able to start using my system and begin generating some HUGE online profits for yourself too...

... as well as giving you all the details on how (... and why) I'm prepared to share the system with you and personally help you to succeed.

Just imagine having someone who's already pulled in exactly $19,842,314.68 Dollars (that’s around £15.598,307.10 MILLION BRITISH POUNDS) having a vested interest in showing you the system they used to do it ... Having all the steps explained WITH EXAMPLES in clear detail ... AND THEN having that same individual PERSONALLY helping you to put those same steps into action!

It really is something quite remarkable ... Something that really can change your life ... A system you can start from scratch ... Have set up and running within a couple of weeks ... And easily generating returns of at least $300 - $3,000 EACH DAY, EVERY DAY within a few short months, no matter what The World Economy is doing at the time!

Or, said another way, imagine how you could realistically have a successful online business just like I have, which generates anywhere from $100,000 up to $999,999 per year before this time next year.

Imagine how you would feel if you could write a check to clear all your credit cards and another to pay off your mortgage in its entirety ... Or what it would be like to see a zero balance on your monthly credit-card statements ...  How it would sound to tell all your friends that you are now finally debt free ...

Imagine finally living a wonderfully relaxed lifestyle with all the benefits that kind of success brings... Having the FREEDOM to choose how you spend your time ... To decide when and where you want to work ... To live the same DEBT FREE lifestyle that I've personally been enjoying myself for the last 20+ years.

Now imagine how you'd feel if instead of fretting about how to pay the bills, you could walk into any car showroom, anywhere in the World and buy any vehicle you wanted ... WITH CASH!

Since I gave up work and started my online business instead, I’ve bought every car I’ve wanted this way... Including my favorite pride-and-joy … A car that’s now considered to be a ‘timeless classic’ … 

It’s a limited edition, Aston Martin 6 Litre, V12 DB7 GT.  

This is actually my 'dream car' which I purchased with the proceeds from using just one particular part of the system that I'll be telling you about, early on in the training materials ...

I've purchased two other Aston Martins previous to this one, in exactly the same way... But, with only 85 right hand drive GTs like this one ever having been made... and just 39 left on the road... it's no wonder why they are so highly sought after among Aston Martin fans and why their value is increasing at a record pace year on year.

Just in case you're thinking 'perhaps I've just taken photos of myself with someone else's car' ... or just rented it for the weekend...  Or leased it... Here are some scans of the original order, invoice, DVLA registration documents and the payment confirmation to the specialist dealer.

Needless to say, my wife Kate and I have also gone on to buy several other luxury vehicles in exactly the same way - including our 'top of the range' 29ft long Motorhome, a supercharged Jaguar XFR, and an four-wheel drive Jaguar F-Pace to name just a few.

Or how about

purchasing your dream home?

I first used the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system to do exactly this over ten years ago! I walked past this house for several years, always saying to myself ... "I'd love to live somewhere like that" ...

Well you can imagine how I felt when I saw it being listed on a local estate agent's website ...

Okay, it was the best part of a million dollars but with over 1.6 million in my bank account at the time, it seemed only right that I just had to have it!!

Ten years on, Kate and I recently decided to move house again. This time relocating and finding a similar sized family home that's nearer to her immediate family. With a niece and nephew to entertain after school and at weekends ... there was quickly talk of only short listing properties with a heated swimming pool!

After a few months of searching, we found a beautiful old farm house set in the picturesque Hampshire countryside, complete with a gym and sauna for us and a heated pool for the kids. We fell in love with the house so much that we offered full-asking price immediately after our fist viewing and quickly moved in.

Oh, and by the way, please don't think I'm telling you any of this to brag or anything like that ...

… Nothing could be further from my mind. It's just that I really want you to understand how different YOUR life can be if you just realise that there is always another way of doing things.

Having said all this, when you have a million dollars plus in the bank, it's often the little things in life that can have the most impact.

As I said, this system gives you the FREEDOM to only work as and when you feel like it ... if you can call it work that is (... you'll be amazed at how enjoyable this business becomes when you see autopilot income just keep turning up in your bank account!).

You can take time off whenever you want, to do something special for those you care about, without any pressure from someone telling you otherwise …

... for example, when they were younger I never missed a single school sports day with my kids...

... And today (just as we have literally just done), we can just decide to 'up sticks' and move to another part of the country to be closer to family ... Or, I can finish early for the day and cook a romantic dinner for Kate (... if the mood takes me!) ... Or, I can just take the day off and do something simple like going for a walk in the country with Leila, our German Shepherd dog.

Now of course it's not always been like this ... For years I was just existing day-to-day like most people do ... in fact, I was probably worse off than most because I was going from job to job (... I've worked in a car park, been a window cleaner, driven a taxi and even worked as a part-time DJ amongst other things) ...

But then one day, through a chance meeting, I had my ‘eyes opened’ by someone who showed me a completely novel way of working for myself with something he called ‘Info Publishing’.

Now, I won't bore you with the details because they're well documented elsewhere, but that ‘single conversation’ led directly to me starting an online business…  which later ... through a great deal of persistence… and numerous tests along the way... has now become the finely tuned, ‘proven system’ that I’ve spent the last 2 years writing and talking about the same system that you’ll soon be copying for yourself as a student of the all new Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program I’m inviting you to test out.

If, that is, you’d like to claim one of the 100 risk free trial places that I currently have available?

Okay Nick, I'm interested, so what exactly is your Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system about?

Well before I give you all the details, let me just assure you that there's absolutely nothing difficult about ANYTHING I do to bring in somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000 a month (... and perhaps even as much as $100,000+ on a good month!) every month.

Even if you've never done anything like this before, with the training materials you're going to be able to access online within the member's area shortly ... believe me ... I promise you that this stuff is SO EASY ...

... I was a lowly paid car park attendant don't forget, and even though I still don’t have a clue about ‘some aspects’ of the business … I do know where and how to get things done for me at virtually no cost should I need some assistance.

In effect, you'll need no experience and no technical knowledge, just a willingness to learn and I'll be covering EVERYTHING in detail anyway …

So, let's start with some of the amazing features that make this business so simple ... so enjoyable ... and ultimately so profitable ...

  • 1

    This is a business that can have cash flowing into your bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year!

    I expect you already know that virtually ALL online based businesses enjoy this luxury ...
    The only difference is that what I do involves NO complicated shipping and handling processes, shopping cart arrangements or expensive software to deal with worldwide payments. Everything can be fully automated and all done for you... Even down to taking the money and depositing it into your bank account!

  • 2

    There are NO outrageous expenses or start up costs ...

    You can run this business from a spare room in your house, or even the kitchen table if you so wish. There's no need for any fancy premises and you certainly don't need any staff (... although, eventually you may wish to get other people to do any of the tasks that you find mundane when you start bringing in tens of thousands dollars every month)!

  • 3

    You don't need any technical skills ...

    You can do virtually everything yourself if you prefer but why bother? I'll be showing you how to get somebody else to complete anything you don't fancy doing yourself for literally the cost of a modest evening out!

  • 4

    Once you've set this up, you can run your business from literally anywhere in the world ...

    All you need is a laptop computer and a mobile internet connection. That means you can still run your business while you're on vacation ... Or perhaps when you have decided to relocate to another part of the world entirely, (either on a permanent or semi-permanent basis).
    Which is exactly what several of my past customers have already decided to do. One decided to move to Beverly Hills, another bought an extremely large house in The Philippines... another is ‘hiding away’ in a remote location in the Isles of Scotland and another has relocated his young family to a spacious villa in Spain.

  • 5

    When you enroll into the Serious About Six Figures A Year program as a trial member today, you will also be given direct online access both to me (and my dedicated support team) to personally answer all your questions.

    You absolutely will not need to visit a hotel, attend a seminar or risk being in the same room with 50-100 other people all competing for attention. Instead, you’ll have every opportunity to ask an unlimited number of questions, be heard... and get answers promptly. This involves HANDS ON time invested in your success by ‘yours truly’ so you can get the most out of this ... Something that, as you'll see, will be MUTUALLY beneficial for BOTH of us!

In other words, this has got to be the best home-based business opportunity on the planet ...

The FASTEST ... the EASIEST ... and ultimately, THE most SATISFYING, RISK FREE way for YOU to start enjoying a realistic six figure a year income … (... bar winning the lottery or marrying into money that is)!

Okay, let me tell you a little more about what's involved ...

This year, I'm looking to take on a group of individuals as students,  ... to train them personally ... and consequently show them what is probably the quickest and easiest way to start their own successful six figure a year online business.

But before I get into that though, let me quickly just tell you why being PERSONALLY trained by me is so much more likely to lead YOU to the LIFESTYLE OF YOUR DREAMS than any other program out there.

You see, this isn't just one of those ridiculous programs full of empty promises showing you how to make money, just to make money (... you know the type I'm talking about, those ridiculous 'Get Rich Quick' schemes, sold more often than not by individuals who have NEVER made a single penny themselves with the information they're selling, let alone the millions they're claiming)!

What I'll be showing you is the actual systems and processes that I'M CURRENTLY USING MYSELF... The same methods that have enabled me to bank over $19.84 MILLION DOLLARS in the last few years (... NEARLY A MILLION OF WHICH was in the last 12 months alone don't forget)!

The same strategies that enabled me to be voted Internet Marketer Of The Year in 2016 and then more recently Super Affiliate Of The Year 2020 in the February... and Outrageous Marketer Of The Year in the March of 2020.

So, not only am I suitably qualified to show you what’s working… I also ‘walk the talk’… Not only can I show you ‘behind-the-scenes’ - with numerous case studies and examples taken from my business - ...

... But I can also teach you to do the same from a realistic hands-on perspective, in such a way that YOU too really can be pulling in massive profits for yourself with my help over the next 6 months to 12 months!

And if you have any doubts about what I can show you, take a look at what a few other people have already said about working with me:

Paul Hollins

"Nick, I think it’s long overdue that I updated you on how things are going ... my USA business has now got to the point where last month we saw sales of $85,297.17

Yes there’s been a few curve balls thrown at me along the way but I know I can always reach out to you at any time and you’ll do whatever you can to help.

Oh and the idea you suggested I should include in the promotional  email I was testing.... it helped DOUBLE the sales of the Productivity eBook. 😘 thank you."

Paul Hollins, Wanstead, London, UK
Alison Rothwell

"I first met Nick James when I was a student of his 'Cracking The Code' program that he was running and I got the opportunity to work one on one with Nick and take part in his training course.  I really enjoyed the whole thing and as a result, Nick helped me to grow my business to six figures for more or less a standing start."

Alison Rothwell, Chorley, Lancashire, UK
Isaac Vella

"I didn't ever know that it would be the internet that would ultimately change my life... I was earning £12-13,000 a year full time during my previous job as a car mechanic. Now, in fact, just last month I've literally just done ... £46,797.30"

Isaac Vella, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

These people have either already completely transformed their lives or are in the process of doing so... and I promise you the same could be happening for you too when you enroll into the all new Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program I’m inviting you to join today.

This really is an incredible opportunity to enjoy the same luxury lifestyle that they... and I've been thoroughly enjoying for several years now!

For example, imagine if you could sit down at your laptop, like I did recently, and set up a 7-day email promotional campaign ... and pocket $32,267.00 as a result!

I did this just 3 weeks ago before I sat down to write you this letter ...

Yes there was a 'bit of work' involved (... I had to write and schedule half a dozen emails, which were sent out to my list of email subscribers. Okay, this took me the best part of a day to do by the time I'd finished 'tinkering' around with each message... But, would you grumble if you effectively got paid over $32k for one days ‘work’?)...

… I'm about to use part of the profits from that email promotion to kit out a purpose built home cinema room, including a $15,970 Bang & Olufsen TV And Surround Sound Speaker System with all the latest in wonderful technology...

Hopefully (if you decide to become one of my Serious About Six Figures A Year™ students), you’ll get an invitation to come and visit, and experience it for yourself?  ... It's going to create an awesome way for us to watch the latest blockbuster films. 🙂

Or how about a few of those simple things I mentioned earlier?

Like being able to take breaks whenever you felt like it ... Or deciding only when (and where) you wanted to work… Allowing you to spend more time doing the things that you actually want to do ...

Perhaps, seeing the kids (or grandkids) grow up ... Or, being there for their sports days or schoolplays, etc.

Or, even those little things like, not looking at the price on the menu when you take your partner out for a romantic meal!

These are the CHOICES that having money in the bank allows you to make ...

And talking about choices, let me tell you how I travel these days whenever I take trips overseas ...

Just before the Covid-19 Pandemic I had the privilege of flying to Dallas from London in the FIRST-CLASS cabin with British Airways, something I'd highly recommend you do yourself when you start seeing the profits generated by what I'm going to show you!

It really is the most luxurious experience and although I could have quite easily got myself an 'ordinary' ticket, I always decide that I'd much rather be comfortable for a long haul flight and not be crammed in like a sardine in what I've heard described as 'cattle' class ...

FIRST CLASS is the only way my family and I travel these days.

Now imagine making these choices and STILL having thousands of dollars deposited into your bank account when you're out and about enjoying yourself!

This is exactly what happens for me every day and believe me IT'S A WONDERFUL WAY TO LIVE!

Okay, I'm sure you're getting the picture by now so this is probably a good time for me to explain why this opportunity is completely different from anything you'll have seen before ... and more importantly why this system makes so much money with so little effort!

You see, there are countless programs that will tell you that there's ‘a fortune to be made’ without ever needing a product of your own, which of course can be true ...

... you certainly can get started in business by selling other people's products without having a website or product yourself ... In fact that's one of the ways I suggest you can generate an income immediately ...

But believe me the REALLY BIG MONEY ... and I'm talking $10k PLUS A MONTH... is in having something VALUABLE and UNIQUE which ONLY you can sell ... and of course, when you do, you keep all the profits yourself.

Unfortunately, many people manage to convince themselves that getting to this point is really difficult when actually it's extremely easy when you know how ... in fact, the truth is that IT'S RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE with a little 'insider knowledge’ and using a system that automates most of the process for you ...

Which is why, as you’re about to find out, in the very first Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system module, I am going to show you How To Create Your Own Signature Product In Less Than 72 Hours, that you can sell for $97 every time you sell a copy..

... and make no mistake, having the RIGHT 'product' that ONLY YOU have the right to sell can virtually be a license to print money ... The difference between NEVER making a single penny online, and literally having hundreds of thousands of dollars turning up in your bank account each year!

And making sure you've got ‘THE RIGHT PRODUCT' is exactly where we’ll start, just as soon as you confirm with me, that the ideas I will be sharing with you are something that you would like to start putting into action.

This really is powerful stuff. Especially when you realise I bank a small fortune every year, from the profits I make on around half a dozen 'digital information packages' just like the one I will be showing you how to make during the first Serious About Six Figures A Year™ course module.

The real secret is in understanding how you can make enormously high profits from 'specialist niche market information' or 'simple software products' ... And the key is in knowing which products people are 'queuing up to buy' (... this is dead simple when you know how and it's something I'll be going through with you in the course materials).

And don't forget you need NO technical skills whatsoever to do this (... For example, when it comes to Software, I have absolutely no idea how to write a single line of code - I ask other people to do this for me).

But selling these types of 'software products' still makes me AN EXTRA $100k or more each and every year without fail.

In fact let me give you some ACTUAL REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of some of the profits I've pulled in already from both simple information products and software projects I’ve recently created …


A 'digitised infopack' costing me $65 to produce - sold for $697

My profit per package: $632

The system produced 655 sales in 40 weeks giving me a clear profit of $413,960.00 ...

... THAT'S $41,396.00 PROFIT PER MONTH!


Digital infopack costing me $15.00 to produce - sold for $143.95

My profit per package: $128.95

The system produced 4,457 sales of these infopacks in twelve months, giving me a clear profit of $574,730.15 ...or to put it another way ...

... THAT'S £47,894.00 PROFIT PER MONTH!

And even with some of the 'cheaper' priced packages, the returns can be fantastic once the system is set up because you can pretty much just leave them alone to generate recurring income time after time after time.

Take this next example that gave me a very nice 'automatic' return for a few years and I hardly had to do anything for it!


An online membership site with a running cost of less than $10 a month - where members pay a recurring $29.99 per month for their membership.

With over 600 active monthly members, that means this site generates... AN 'AUTOMATIC' PROFIT OF $17,994+ PER MONTH!.. And I have been running this site for over 4 years now.

That’s over $863,712.00 generated from just one website alone.

And there's plenty more examples I can show you when you decide to join me in the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program and request your Risk Free Trial Membership today.

It really is staggering when you consider that with this business you can EASILY be making, in a few weeks, what many people working a 9-5 job will make in a whole year!

Of course, I don't know what you earn per year at the moment, but it would take ‘an ordinary person’ earning the average wage, OVER 20 YEARS to earn the profit from JUST ONE of the examples I've given above.

Now imagine if you follow the steps I give you and you put together three 'products' similar to the examples shown above … How could that change your life?

In fact here is a working calculator to help you work it out …

I'm not suggesting you do this straight away (... it's best to get just one part of the system up and running when you're just starting out) … But collectively just these three examples would give you a monthly income of $107,284

And, in case you are wondering, yes, as a Serious About Six Figures A Year™ student you really are going to discover everything you need to know in order to create yourself your very own...


... Or even, dare I say it…  a million dollar a year business… Because, if those three product examples above, all sold at the same time, they would bring you a nice annual profit of $1,287,408.00!!!

Even though I know ‘the sky-is-the-limit’ for the system I will be sharing with you…  I’m not into ‘hyping’ things up

… And let’s face it, there should be room for some trial and error when you’re first starting out… I honestly feel that suggesting you’re going to make a $1m in your first year is a little far fetched… But, naming the course Serious About Six Figures A Year … Is A REALISTIC GOAL even if you’re starting out… So, that’s what I named the system and that’s what I decided to set for YOU as a target for your first year… it’s also 100% achievable should you decide to put your mind to it.

And as I said, these figures AREN'T difficult to generate either … especially when you just have a coach… a little inside knowledge…  and a system that, once set up, really can do virtually all the heavy lifting for you!

That's the beauty of the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system you’ll be shown... Which, remember, contains the same precise strategies and techniques I used to build my own business and has got me to the stage where I pulled in $972,710 (NEARLY A MILLION DOLLARS) in the last 12 months alone ...

… and with me personally guiding you through the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system, you too could also be in a position where you're generating this kind of revenue for yourself in just a few years time.

And just to finally prove it to you, take a look at some of my recent returns from just one of my merchant accounts over the last few days:

Okay Nick, this all sounds very exciting, but what exactly are these ‘info products’ you sell and how do you make money with them?

Well, quite simply, I've become a Millionaire and continue to enjoy a fantastic monthly income, by providing people who I ALREADY KNOW are looking for the specialist niche information products (and software) just like I referred to earlier … I then simply introduce and supply these products to them in either a printed format (such as a book or manual), or in a digitally downloadable format like a PDF file.

The majority of the products that I deal in, generally sell for between $40 and $1,997 a time, and because I've already found a group of customers desperate for the type of information I provide... There is never any shortage of customers to buy my products (... And don't worry I'll be telling you exactly how to find these types of 'motivated' buyers in your training materials).

Now let me just make one thing really clear ... I know you'll have come across various individuals claiming to make you rich by selling tired old 'has been' DVDs / CDs / Manuals  products from some other far flung locations. They'll tell you about how you can make a fortune just by sticking a different label on them ...

You may have even tried these program yourself and been burnt before (... like virtually everyone else who's tried them!) ...

But the real secret is in creating BRAND NEW specialist niche packages that NO-ONE ELSE IS SELLING, something completely unique that your 'highly motivated' customer can only get from you!

And this is where my system is so completely different because I can show you exactly where to get or how to create these UNIQUE INFORMATION PRODUCTS as well as HOW TO OUTSOURCE your own bespoke software, QUICKLY and CHEAPLY.

Once I get hold of these products, I pay zero royalties to anyone ... I DON'T have to share any of my profits ... and NO-ONE ELSE CAN SELL THEM (... unless I ALLOW them to sell them on my behalf)! With the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system, I can literally keep all the money (... less what the tax man takes off me of course, but hey, nothing is perfect)!

Then it's simply a case of getting them in front of customers who are so keen to get their hands on them. Again this is either done digitally over the internet, or perhaps via printed materials or USB drives, which are sent out via the postal service...  But don't forget, I don't deal with the post ... I don't process the orders ... I don't duplicate the USB drives ... bank the money ... or send them out myself either ... ALL THAT IS TAKEN CARE OF FOR ME for a tiny percentage of the price I sell them for!

All I have to do is set up the process in the first place, carry out a few simple tasks and then collect the lion's share of the profits at the end of it ...

How easy is that?

This is how I've pulled in the extraordinary sum of over $19.84 MILLION DOLLARS since I first started doing this... and can now live the WONDERFUL LIFESTYLE that I thought would never previously be possible.

And with a Serious About Six Figures A Year™  membership, which I'm inviting you to enroll as a trial member today, there's no reason at all why YOU can't do exactly as I do and achieve the same kind of results!

So what has this

all got to do with you?

Right, I did say I'd tell you exactly why I'm doing this ... Why I'm proposing we collaborate and I train you personally to follow my system so you too can begin pulling in thousands of dollars in profit every month.

So, putting aside the fact that the more people who I train to be successful, the greater my own credibility (... which I hope in time will lead to greater profits for me with my everyday products!)

The reason I'm looking for students who I can personally train to follow my system is that it opens the door to the most profitable and easiest way of making MASSIVE returns ... and that is a process called “Joint Venturing”.

In recent years many of the BIG INTERNET FORTUNES have been made, by people like me, allowing other people to sell their products in return for a sales commission ... and of course it works the other way as well ... People with targeted email lists of customers are always looking for great products to promote to their subscribers ...

It stands to reason that ‘the best products’ that sell at the highest prices are obviously the ones that everybody wants to JV with first ... And of course these types of JV opportunities will attract the attention of those people with the biggest and best responding lists of customers.

So, if I can show you via the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system, how I take a product and enhance it for MASSIVE PROFITS... It'll also help you to do the same.

Then as your business grows, you'll also be providing highly valuable info products to your customers.

And as you make more money, you'll also be wanting to provide 'higher ticket' items to your customers. And that’s hopefully where I’ll be able to benefit…  By us ‘Joint Venturing’ together…

… Both in the form of me promoting your products to my customers and by you promoting my high-end products to your ever growing list of customers ... it truly is a situation where EVERYBODY WINS!

Now you'll appreciate that I'm usually inundated with offers and requests to take part in ‘Joint Ventures’ with others, but invariably what I'm often offered are things I just wouldn't want to put my name anywhere near. As I said earlier, only a minority are succeeding to make their living online, because only a tiny minority are doing it right! And that includes knowing how to create high-value products… as much as it includes knowing how to sell them for the right price.

But if I can help you do it right and show you how to create those 'top notch' products that we’ve already talked about… and also how to put together the type of marketing materials that will have your customers reaching for their wallets...

... then we can BOTH make a lot of money out of this.

By the way, if you're not comfortable with the fact that I'm hoping to benefit from our relationship in the future, then maybe you're not the type of person I'm looking for, even though it's in my interest to make sure you succeed in making huge profits as well ...

… On the other hand, if you can see the bigger picture, and how YOU can benefit massively, regardless of how much money I'm making from it, then you will probably make a first class student, and ultimately a rich one at that!

Which brings me onto how you can enroll onto the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program today and enjoy all of the benefits that membership to this exclusive programme provides

In fact, let me just remind you what I said at the start of this letter ...

If you decide to join me in this once in a lifetime opportunity, to actually have a experienced expert helping you, who actually ‘walks the walk’ so to speak, then it's going to mean that I'll be investing a lot of time and effort to work closely with you ... and if you haven't got the right mindset for success, well that's going to be no good for either of us.

Obviously, this is a fantastic opportunity but unfortunately this type of 'deal' tends to attract every Tom, Dick and Harry, including those who just think that this is going to be an easy ride (... as well as those that are merely curious and those that will completely waste my time!)

But to make this the incredible success that I KNOW this is going to be, I need individuals who will actually DO what I'm going to show them (... it's not difficult, but you will have to do some of the 'work'), and not just sit on it and become one of those statistics who never take any action and therefore never succeed in making any decent money off the internet.

That's why I've decided to offer 100 new customer Risk Free Trial Memberships to the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program  ...

... ONLY to the right individuals who will promise me that they have the right mindset to do something with what I'm going to show them!


"Serious About Six Figures A Year"

Two years ago, I decided that I would begin creating a highly precise set of system instructions whereby I would explain in complete step-by-step detail the EXACT real-life process that I follow every week in my business.

Nothing would be left out and everything I've ever done, every idea I've noted down and applied ... THE WHOLE LOT would be included ...

… In other words, everything that has made me well over £19.84 MILLION DOLLARS to date!

And the easiest way for me to do it was to map out the six most important parts of the system and explain each part, piece-by-piece... in step-by-step detail… exactly how everything works. Including how to:

  • Produce Orders
  • Build Your List
  • Generate Traffic
  • Grow Your Income
  • Create Content
  • Work Less Hours

So that anyone learning the system for the very first time had everything they needed in order to set up a new online business, that generated more than a full-time income, but only having to work part-time hours.

And since then, for the last 2 years, I’ve quietly been recording the entire system on my laptop and then having it professionally transcribed. I have quite literally revealed every last secret about building a successful Six Figure A Year Internet Business.

I’ve fully explained (with examples and real-life case studies), the exact strategies I used to create my Internet empire in just a few years... and then demonstrated how anyone could follow the same instructions to build themselves a new business in a fraction of the time it took me!

What I have been able to complete is without doubt the most complete home study training course for starting a new six figure a year internet based business that I believe has ever been offered.

In fact, just take a look at some of the things that have been covered in detail, and believe me this is nothing more than a ‘snapshot’ of what’s included in the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ training program.

  • Why Information Publishing Is The Very Best Business In The World And How Now Is The Very Best Time To Become An Information Publisher.
  • How To Create Your Own Signature Info Product In 72 Hours Or Less.
  • How To Get More Customers Than You Could Ever Imagine
  • How To Make More Sales By Making Small Tweaks
  • How To Encourage Your Customers To Spend More Money With You
  • How To Quickly & Easily Increase Your Profits
  • 27 Red Hot Ideas For Additional Follow Up Projects So You Can Create Multiple Streams Of Income In Record Time.

As I said, I believe this is the most complete training course available when it comes to creating a highly successful and hugely profitable internet based business... And as such this got me thinking  ...

What better way for you to see if becoming one of my new students is for you... Than for you to experience the first part of the course WITHOUT ANY RISK WHATSOEVER  and to see first hand, exactly the type of content and training materials you’ll be receiving from me twice a month hereon if you decide to embark on this exciting project with me.

The thinking behind this being, if you could actually see what I actually do in order to make thousands of dollars in monthly profits ... and 'test the water' so to speak …

... Do you think you could follow my instructions and potentially become a successful Six Figure A Year business owner yourself in the next 6-12 months?

Well the obvious answer in my mind is to allow you to access the private membership area of the  Serious About Six Figures A Year™ website and study the first part of the system in the comfort of your own home without risk, before deciding if you would like to continue with the rest of the course, (in the meantime also enjoying all the other advantages that being a student will give you)!

Now, I'll give you full details about how you can enroll into the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ on a completely risk free trial basis in just a moment, but first let me once again assure you that if you can follow simple instructions ... you have the ability to listen ... and you're not just a 'tyre kicker', then I absolutely guarantee that this system will give you ALL the necessary steps in order to make this whole venture a massive success for BOTH OF US!

And this is where it gets really exciting because when you respond today and enroll into the  Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program, you'll effectively be starting a unique probationary student period!

… Don't worry by the way, you'll have plenty of time during your first month to digest the first part of the training and, remember, you’ll also be able to try out the system yourself without any financial risk whatsoever... in fact, I would actually encourage you to start putting it into action before you decide whether you want to continue ...

But, if after studying the training materials, you can't see what A MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY I'm offering you here, then simply let me know and you can withdraw with your head held high, knowing that at least you took a look and reviewed everything properly.

However, having seen other people enjoying such amazing results with this... and having created such clear-cut training materials...  and with such dedicated help and support... I am sure than withdrawing from this program will be the very last thing on your mind.

Okay Nick, How Do I Enroll
As A New Trial Member Today?

As soon as you've made the decision to join me and enroll into the Serious About Six Figures A Year™  program as a New Trial Member all you need to do is complete a simple online application form and confirm your details.

Once submitted we will review the details you have provided and process your application accordingly. Once approved, we will send you your own personal/unique login credentials to access the  Serious About Six Figures A Year™ private student area.

It's at that point you will be able to login and access the first months training materials and other additional content. When you do that, here’s exactly what you’re going to find:

Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #1 ... Access to your ongoing fortnightly training modules, all laid out in a logical fashion for you to follow along at your own pace.

My commitment to you is to publish a new training module to your student area twice per month and to also steadily rotate through, what you’ll fondly get to know as being ‘The Successful Six’ … these remember, are trainings on the following topics:

1. Produce Orders 2. Build Your List
3. Generate Traffic 4. Grow Your Income
5. Create Content 6. Work Less Hours


The beauty of publishing the additional training modules in this way, is that every other week, the next-step of the training will always, automatically be released and ready for you on-time, as and when you need it.

Likewise, you will always remain in complete control of how steadily you decide to progress through each part of the course.  you can complete the course at your own pace. It’s not a race after all.

And for your convenience, each training module will also be provided in three different formats. Video, Audio and PDF. So, no matter whether you like to read, listen or watch… your preferred method of learning will be ready and waiting for you.

Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #2 ... Priority, Fast-Track Help Desk To Get Each And Every One Of You Questions Answered.

I know that I have mentioned this several times already, but with good reason. Perhaps the most important aspect of all is that you’ll never feel that you’re doing this by yourself. Yes, this is your business and you’re in the driving seat… but you’ll now have an experienced co-pilot and navigation officer sat right next to you too.

We’ve integrated a dedicated Support Tracking System into the heart of the private student area, meaning that support for your specific requirements will always be just a-click away once you’ve logged in. And because of the unique way the support system works, we don’t have to worry about emails going missing… or getting lost in an overzealous spam filter.

My team and I will be personally checking the support desk 2 to 3 times a day so you can be assured that you'll be acknowledged and responded to in a timely manner... and it won’t be uncommon for me to turn on a video camera and record a personal answer to your specific question. So be fully prepared to be surprised and delighted in how your questions will be answered.

Feedback, and more importantly the response to that feedback, is vitally important to your success. So you can expect this dedicated help desk will become the ‘heart and soul’ of our ongoing communication together... And as our relationship develops, my aim is to give you the very best help and guidance that we possibly can.

Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #3 ... Priority Scheduling For Joint Ventures

As I mentioned to you earlier, one of the main reasons for putting this program together is to be able to uncover profitable new Joint Venture opportunities.

So, as a Serious About Six Figures A Year™ student, you'll also receive priority scheduling on our JV Partner calendar which means you’ll also have access (... via us sending messages to our in-house database) to our existing 64,882 customers and email newsletter subscribers.

Of course, this is going to be subject to you having a product or a service that’s going to be a good ‘match’ to our list… (and your product being of a high-quality)… But, as you’re going to be following the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ course, I really don’t see the quality of your product being an issue...

Then, of course, once you've got your first JV ‘under your belt' so to speak, and you can ‘show the results’ of our Joint Venture promotion to others…  It stands to reason that anyone else in the marketplace with a decent size list could soon start standing in line at your door to promote your products to their list as well ... (especially if we also mail our list of 5,432 JV Partners and Affiliates with details of your JV opportunity for you too).

Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #4 ...Quarterly Bonus Student Only Live Webinars.

I realise that no matter how much time and effort I put into writing, recording and editing each of your system modules… and personally replying to each of your support tickets… It’s still important for us to be able to get together ‘live’ every now and again.

While ideally, this should be sitting down, face-to-face and chatting through exactly what’s going on in your business… Right now with travel restrictions and meeting up in groups not advisable, we’ll meet online instead.

And as an added bonus, I will also invite a few other carefully selected entrepreneurs, direct marketers and product developers to join us and make guest presentations as well. To share with us their unique insights, ideas and feedback with what they’ve seen taking place in their business.

This way, together, we can sit down for a good couple of hours and thrash out what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs fixing.

Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #5
... Done With You Project...

While the main training modules within the 'Serious About Six Figures A Year' program explain how to create as many new products and new marketing funnels as you want (As you go about building your own six figure a year information publishing business over the months and years ahead)...

... What's equally important is helping you to make your first dollar... Making your first $100 dollars... And even your first $1,000 dollars...

With this in mind, Kate and I have just come up with another great way that we can help you to 'hit the ground running' and start making your first sales online. It's called the 'Done With You Project'.

Here's how this will work. We're big believers in 'rolling up our shirt sleeves' and getting stuck in when we see our customers doing the same ... So, at the same time you start your training and go through Module One, we will do the same thing.

We will also start creating not just one... but two new information products... the idea being that when we've finished we will hand them both over to you 'lock, stock and barrel', complete with all the marketing materials and the full Private Label Rights, so you'll be able to instantly begin selling them as your own...  and keep 100% of the profits from every sale you make.

Following you're enrolment into the program and claiming your risk free trial place, Kate and I will work consistently to ensure you have the first draft of each of these two products just before Module 2 is released to you ... and the fully designed versions of the products, together with all the marketing materials, just a few days after that.

Plus we'll also arrange for you to have access to some detailed 'step-by-step' video tutorials which will show you exactly how to set up these products and have them ready for sale in the shortest time possible.

It's just another way that we're going to ensure we do everything we can to help you succeed.

Now, as you can see there is a great deal of material here and of course that is exactly what you should expect because this is the real deal ... a PROPER training system with actual EXAMPLES, CASE-STUDIES and HANDS ON SUPPORT which will genuinely build to contain everything you'll ever need, to duplicate my success ...

Everything I've ever done is here for you to copy, a system remember that's never failed to generate $30,000+ per month for me for over twenty years now...  but, you'll be able to put the system in practice in a fraction of the time it's taken me!

Nothing is held back, and realistically when you think about it, you wouldn't expect a system that brings in this kind of return to contain anything less ...

So yes, there's a lot of important information but let me assure you, because of the way it's presented, it's still extremely simple and easy to follow ...

It doesn't matter whether you're sixteen or sixty (... or even older for that matter), if you can follow simple instructions, then you have the opportunity to use these training materials to literally earn yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars per year ... and possibly even much more than that!

Believe me, it's not rocket science and if an ex-car park attendant like me can do it, then so can you!

In fact, just before I sat down to write this letter to you, here's what a small handful of my existing customers and students the opportunity to preview the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ course materials…

Here’s what they had to say:

Bryn Andrews

"Serious About Six Figures A Year™ - Is A Very Well Thought Out Course… I joined very recently yet I am finding it very well structured which I like. As long as you are self-disciplined enough to stick to it with the monthly modules, you can ask any question of Nick, considering how busy he must be, he gets back in a very timely manner with wise honest advice. So far so good. Do sign up”

Bryn Andrews
Kenneth Hamilton

"Nick is so methodical in the way he delivers his training, he breaks it all down into an easy and understandable way, which I can say is miles better than any other training I've ever done. I'm feeling really positive and excited about my future. I'm so glad I came across this training program and how to create the business from start to finish."

Kenneth Hamilton
Michael Buckley

"This Is The Training For Me!... Having looked at other people’s ideas and teachings, I have to say that nothing is as straightforward and easy to follow than this. Nick James describes everything with such a delightful simplicity. Coming from an Entertainments Background, I have always found it imperative that anyone who Presents in General, must sound clear with good diction. Once that is mastered, the message comes over correctly. Nick has got that off to a Tee. I highly recommend this training program to anyone contemplating a change of direction in their respective careers.I am learning all the time and enjoy every minute.Thank you Nick."

Michael Buckley

So there you are ...

... As you can see this is an incredibly exciting opportunity and I hope you can imagine the wonderfully relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle you could be living when you run a highly successful ‘Six Figure A Year Business’ ... something that could so easily become a reality, especially when you are being looked after by someone who's already doing it!

As I said, this is something completely different from anything you'll have been offered before, because if you decide to join me as a Serious About Six Figures A Year™ student, you'll be getting a genuine opportunity to be involved in a REAL business ... something that's not only incredibly simple and inexpensive to set up ... but is also highly rewarding, and extremely profitable.

And with the all important 'hands on' personal help and support of someone who's already used the system to bank over $972,710.00 (NEARLY A MILLION DOLLARS) in the last 12 months alone… 

...There's no reason why you can't use the same system to start your own successful Six Figure A Year business within the next 6-12 months yourself.

I'm sure you can see this is a real, high value, top quality offer and as such you realise that it's only going to be available for a short time ...

Which is why, if you're serious about joining me, and you can 'promise' me to,  at the very least review the first part of the system and give this a 'fair shot' ...

... then, to avoid being disappointed, I strongly urge you to get back to me on this as soon as possible, preferably within the next 48 hours ... in order to claim one of the risk free trial membership places that are currently still available.

Yes Nick! I Want To Claim One Of The Risk Free Trial Memberships Currently Available

In fact for my part, if you reply within the next 48 hours I promise that I will hold back one of the 100 Risk Free Trial Memberships that I currently still have available.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit ... you're willing to put in a little effort ... and you can follow simple instructions, I guarantee YOU'LL BE DELIGHTED with the outcome ...

… You really will discover how to become a highly successful information publisher within the next 6-12 months!

Okay, I'm sure by now you're itching to know how you can become one of my Serious About Six Figures A Year™ students and review everything that I’ve put together in the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program.

(... and remember - because I'm going to give 100 NEW CUSTOMERS a 100% ‘enrolment discount’ ... and the opportunity to become a new trial member for an entire month. instead of requiring the regular $297 enrolment fee that an opportunity like this would normally start at...  I fully expect each and every one of these 100  new places to be snapped up in record time)...

… Certainly within the next 72 hours at the most.

So, if I’m prepared to give you private access to the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ private student area for a full month Together with all the extra online bonuses….. and together with access to the additional "Done With You Project' …  I guess you’re wondering what I want in return?

Well, I think you’ll be very pleased… in fact, I think  YOU’LL BE PLEASANTLY SHOCKED!

  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay thousands of dollars, which is the least I would ordinarily ask if I were to teach you this on a face-to-face basis at a live workshop…
  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay several hundreds of dollars for something which took me over 2 years to record and 19 years to fully develop…
  • I’m NOT even going to ask you to pay me any ROYALTIES or COMMISSION on the profits you make from copying the system.

Instead, all I’m looking to do is basically cover the costs of the production and fulfillment of the training modules and the time it’s taken me to write, record, edit and transcribe the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ system.

Which is why I thought you could receive access to each of the additional course modules I’ve written (at the speed of once a fortnight), for just $23.50 per module, or said another way, just $47 per month.

The fact is I am not looking for thousands of students… for a start when (like me) you are already  generating around $1m/ year anyway, you have no need to complicate things in life with over doing things.

However, neither would I want to continually give it all away for such a low enrollment fee either… Because it’ll just end up in the hands of a lot of people who’ll not do anything with it (and I’ll just end up getting tons of support tickets) ...  and I'd have to spend my time doing the very things I want to avoid (as I explained earlier).

I am, after all, supposed to be enjoying a relaxed work-life balance… Not creating a load of ‘trouble and strife’ for myself. So, I suppose what I am saying is that, in short I’m suggesting a trade off….

I’m more than happy to ‘teach you the ropes’... And exactly how to start on a shoestring budget and set-up your own ‘Six Figure A Year Business’ using my system, and in return…

You pay me a token $47 per month for access to the private student area of the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ website and access to all the student benefits that go with it!

That works out to be the same as just $1.56 a day?

... Less than the price of your morning coffee at Starbucks!

Fair enough?

As Explained: I’ve even made this

Of course, $47 per month (or $1.56 per day) for a system which made me a Millionaire at the age of just 35 is really negligible in comparison. However, I know you may be sceptical. And that’s even though I have gone out of my way to show you that this works by allowing you to take a look at my track history…I still want you to feel 100% reassured and confident. 

So, even after all this, if you do still feel sceptical, I understand, that’s OK. I probably would too, so here’s what I have decided to do.

You Don’t Have To Make Your Mind Up Here And Now. 

Instead, I’m happily to give you access to the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program today and enjoy your first month without any risk whatsoever.

Should you (for any reason) decide that this training program is not for you, simply raise a support ticket on the dedicated help and support desk within the private membership area and let us know (for whatever reason)... and we will cancel your membership and refund your first months membership subscription.

This way it will not have cost you a single penny to take a look. Fair enough? 



This way you can study everything… and then, having reviewed everything, and with more information in your hands, you can make the decision as to whether you want to continue and study the rest of the system for yourself or not.

Indeed, if you look at the secure online enrolment form you’ll see that there’s absolutely NO RISK TO YOU.

All that's required is just a commitment from you that you're 'serious' about this business and the confirmation of your details for your ongoing membership to the program.

All you need to do is simply enter your personal details and click the ‘enrolment’ button.

Your Serious About Six Figures A Year™ application will then be reviewed and processed and your login credentials will then also be sent out to you by email. If you are not happy with anything during your Risk Free Trial Membership or even within first two Serious About Six Figures A Year™ course modules - or the 'Done With You Project'  - or for any reason whatsoever - then you can simply cancel your participation at the ‘click of a button’ by logging into the Private Member's Only Area... and clicking the 'Your Account' button...

  • You don't have to call the office....
  • You don't have to explain your decision...
  • You don't have to answer any 'awkward' questions.

You are in complete control at all times. Withdraw within 30 days and you will receive a 100% refund and you will not owe me a single penny more. Plus, you can keep all of the training materials you have accessed and downloaded during your trial membership, with my compliments.

You are always in complete control at all times.

Which brings us to the point I guess where you need to let me know your intention as to whether you’d like to claim one of the  Serious About Six Figures A Year™ risk free trial membership that are currently available?

Yes Nick! I Want To Claim One Of The Serious About Six Figures A Year™  Risk Free Trial Memberships Currently Available

With absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, I know what I would do in your shoes…

Complete the secure online enrolment form now, and then within the NEXT 5-10 minutes or so you will receive your student number and login credentials via mail, to access the private student area and get started on your exciting new journey.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, what you’ll find included within the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ will be the system instructions to the ‘quickest and easiest’ way I’ve found, for anyone to start a highly successful six figure a year home based business…

... A business remember, that I’ve personally seen generate anywhere up to $900k in a single year.



If you've ever dreamed of living the MILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE, where you're FREE FROM DEBT, where YOUR MORTGAGE IS PAID OFF and you never have to worry about bills ... Then please do take this opportunity very seriously ...

If you feel enthusiastic about this opportunity and you're prepared to put in a little effort, but you just need a little direction, then I want to hear from you today, because this really is a unique chance to use my knowledge for your own gain ...

... and it's almost certainly the easiest way for you to become financially independent in the next couple of years!

And of course once you've seen the calibre of the training materials within the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program you'll then be in the perfect position to decide whether this is something that you’d like to take further. Something that I promise will open up fantastic new possibilities for you and I to benefit from in the future!

Don't forget, when you claim your Serious About Six Figures A Year™ trial membership today, you'll also be getting:

  • Ongoing Training For How To Get More Customers Than You Could Ever Imagine
  • Ongoing Training For How To Make More Sales By Making Small Tweaks
  • Ongoing Training For How To Encourage Your Customers To Spend More Money With You
  • Ongoing Training For How To Quickly & Easily Increase Your Profits
  • Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #1 ... Access to your ongoing fortnightly training modules, all laid out in a logical fashion for you to follow along at your own pace.
  • Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #2 ... Priority, Fast-Track Help Desk To Get Each And Every One Of You Questions Answered.
  • Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #3 ... Priority Scheduling For Joint Ventures
  • Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #4... Quarterly Bonus Student Only Live Webinars.
  • Serious About Six Figures A Year™ Benefit #5... A Done With You Project (where we have already created you both the products and the sales copy (and will show you how to set everything up)

So there we are, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll NEVER get a better opportunity to benefit from someone who's already a Millionaire helping you, so you too can set up and run your very own, successful, Six Figures A Year Information Publishing Business.

You really have everything to gain and nothing to lose by clicking here and claiming one of the 100 Serious About Six Figures A Year™ trial memberships that are currently available.

Do that right now ... and you can ‘dip your toe in the water’ and prove to yourself that everything I say is true, WITHOUT ANY RISK WHATSOEVER... and, if after reviewing everything, you can’t see how this opportunity could be a complete life changer for you…. Or, for any reason at all, you have changed your mind...  Then as I said, let me know within thirty days by logging into your online account and clicking the 'cancel' button... and I'll arrange for you to withdraw from the Serious About Six Figures A Year™ program and receive a full refund, that way it won’t have cost you a single penny. Otherwise we will look forward to continuing working through the course together for the next 12 months.

I'm sure you will agree that you could not have a better opportunity than the one you have right now, right this second, to finally experience what it really could be like to have a successful online business, than by what I'm offering you here ... especially when it's in my interest to help you personally!

I promise you you'll enjoy the experience of us working together ... have a look here at what a few others have to say about working with me …

Chris Whiting Chris Whiting

"If you are really serious about creating a sustainable alternative income stream, then you would be mad not to jump on this program…”

Jim Donnelly Jim Donnelly

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“My advice to anyone thinking of seriously starting an online business, take the shortest path and stick to learning from one expert or mentor. I strongly suggest you follow Nick. Nick has the ability to take a simple online idea, product concept and turn it into a product that can enable you to invest in yourself and build your business.."

John McNamara John McNamara

"Worth every penny… When the student is ready the master will appear' holds very true for me. I admire Nick for going outside his comfort zone and introducing people to a new concept."

Richmond Kennedy

"I've known Nick for over 7 years. I have attended his seminars, purchased a lot of his products, used and learnt a lot from them...If anyone is serious about building a real internet business and is looking for a trustworthy mentor who is honest, down to earth and truly interested in your success, then Nick James is the man I will happily recommend."

So there we are.

What more can I say?

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Nick James

P.S. Remember this is a COMPLETELY RISK FREE opportunity and I'm not asking you to commit to anything at this stage. All I'm asking is that you review the materials properly and give the system 'a fair shot'...  Take a look at everything in your own home for a full thirty days (... actually I would really like you to apply the system during that time to prove to yourself how simple and effective this is). In other words, you have plenty of time to 'test drive' everything before deciding if you want to take this forward and continue as one of my elite Serious About Six Figures A Year™ students...

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P.P.S. This offer won't be around for long ... There are only 100 Serious About Six Figures A Year™ trial memberships currently available, as soon as all the spots have been taken… I'll have to disable the secure online enrolment form from accepting any more applications.

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Yes Nick! I'd Like To Claim One Of TheRisk Free Trial Places Currently Available

Should you have any questions or queries not answered below, please do email me ... You can contact me directly at nick@nick-james.com ...

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